Saint Barnabas Mission Charters
(Mt. Rev.) William J. Manseau, D.Min, President
(Rev.) Robert Graf, D. Min, Director of Communications

 Saint Barnabas Mission is a community of women and men committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. It serves as a bridge between Catholic tradition and a vision for new interdenominational possibilities to which each brings their own particular gifts.

 Saint Barnabas Mission is inclusive, embracing and ecumenical. It strives to:

  1.      implement the vision and goals of Vatican II through a new evangelism;
  2.      support and encourage the priestly ministries of men and women;
  3.     re-establish the married priesthood;
  4.     cultivate peace and justice for all, especially those who are marginalized by society;
  5.      promote a green earth and to sustain healthy life on our planet.


1.      Letter of Recognition

The St. Barnabas Mission will accept into Charter Candidacy status and grant a Letter of Recognition to those small faith communities which provide the following information: 

  • a)      The names, addresses and telephone numbers of three persons who are not blood relations who subscribe to the above St. Barnabas Mission Faith and Purpose Statement, its common life and to the development of a local St. Barnabas Mission.
  • b)      The name, address, telephone number and email address of the principal pastoral leader who is a Commissioned Member of the Federation of Christian Ministries.
  • c)      The name, address, telephone number and email address of the principal lay leader.
  • d)      The street, city/town and state address of the location of the community’s principal worship location.
  • e)      The Federal Tax Identification or Employer Identification number of the community. This is easily obtained from the IRS on-line.
  • f)       Evidence of a local Bank Account.


2.      Charters

The St. Barnabas Mission will grant a charter in their discretion and for stipulated periods of time to local faith groups and to ministry centers which fulfill the following profile: 

    • i.   subscribes to the St. Barnabas Mission Faith Affirmation, Mission Statement and governance process;
    • ii.  is legally incorporated by the state as a nonprofit faith community if a congregation and as soon as is feasible shall apply for federal nonprofit status;
    • iii.  has formed a parish council if a congregation or an advisory board if a ministry center;
    • iv.  has formed a finance committee with fiduciary responsibility to the community for a ministry’s income and operating expenses proper administration. The chair of this committee should not be the pastor of the community or director of the ministry.
    • v.  Staff maintains professional liability insurance coverage.
    • vi.  Staff is required to maintain professional standards in accordance with Federation of Christian Ministries Ethical Code of Conduct.
    • vii.  Congregations and ministry centers shall contribute a portion of their tithe to the support of the St. Barnabas Mission and to the Federation of Christian Ministries as agreed upon by the subscribing congregation or ministry center and the St. Barnabas Mission directors.
    • viii.  Pro Tempore charters may be granted at the discretion of the St. Barnabas Mission directors if they find that sufficient profile concerns are being met and full compliance shall soon be attained.


Additional information may be obtained from William J. Manseau, D.Min. St. Barnabas Mission President, 12 Catherwood Street, Tewksbury, MA 01876-2620; Tel. 978-851-5547 or 603-886-7158. Email address –


Applications may be emailed to or sent by US Postal Service to: William J. Manseau, D.Min. 12 Catherwood Street, Tewksbury, MA 01876-2620.


Website information:, and


Additional contacts for information are: Bishop Peter Paul Brennan, West Hempstead, NY at, Bishop Christine Mayr-Lumetzberger, Pettenbach, Austria at, Rev. Dagmar Celeste, Kelly’s Island, OH at, Rev. Gail Weisman, Cleveland, OH at, Rev. Bandi Shoury, Kerala, India at, Revs. Robert and Virginia Graf, Charles Town, WV at, and  


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