About Saint Barnabas Mission

The central goal of Saint Barnabas Mission today is support for spiritual and faith formation of small local communities. We serve especially disaffected Roman Catholics and others who are turned off with today’s institutional religious structures. We try to foster house churches where people feel heard and old barriers are broken down. We provide healing and encouragement in the mode of Saint Barnabas “Son of Encouragement.”

Saint Barnabas Mission was in established in 1983 in Flushing, New York. The St. Barnabas Mission was issued a tax exempt organization Letter of Determination by the IRS in 1984 as a Church. Archbishop Peter Paul Brennan, President Emeritus of Saint Barnabas Mission, was a co-founder with Rev. Joseph Fradale of SBM in 1983.

Saint Barnabas Mission is a group member of Federation of Christian Ministries Convention of Churches. Prior to the Federation of Christian Ministries (FCM) becoming a “Convention of Churches”, Saint Barnabas Mission served as the basis for the FCM Religious Body Endorsement Program. Over 40 chaplains from widely diverse religious roots have been endorsed by FCM as of February 2013.